Complicated low back pain for 2 months

Patient: I have been having really bad lower Back pain for about 2 months I have been to a clinic and all they said is it’s a pulled muscle the pain is radiating into my right leg and butt I have a hard time moving my right leg because of the pain I am taking up to 3200mg of ibproufin a day to be able to function what should I do???

Doctor: In the view that you are a young man, most likely you are experiencing a mechanical low back pain, this might have comp plicated with an inflammation of the sciatic nerve and now you are feeling the radiated pain to the buttock and leg. There are many causes of sciatic nerve inflammation: blunt injury, compression by the surrounding muscles, intervertebral disk degeneration or lumbar disk disease, all of them can produce pain along the sciatic nerve. The conventional treatment for Sciatica is aimed to relieve the pain and besides the use of anti-inflammatory medications (as “motrin”, “aleve”) and vitamin B complex, a physical therapy program definitely can definitely benefit you, with stretching of the hip muscles and local heat or ultrasound application. It is very important also avoid activities that place stress on the lumbar spine, so if you feel like you can go to work after the session, you can try avoiding activities that can cause you discomfort or pain. Sometimes the pain and discomfort can persist for several weeks before to improve. The local corticosteroid injection may be considered for patients who show limited response to oral medication and physical therapy.