Conception Date

Patient: Hello,I found out I was pregnant 8 days ago. My LMP was Feb 6 2010, but I had several neg HPTs approximately 4 weeks after it. I did not have another period before finding out I was pregnant, so I went to the DR guessing I was somewhere between 4-9 weeks. A transvaginal US confirmed a 0.3inch gestational sac with nothing inside. DR wants to do another US in 2 weeks because it’s obviously very early. What I want to know is, how pregnant am I ? 4 or 5 weeks ?

Doctor: Hello. I understand your doubt about your conception date according to your LMP and your recent Ultrasound diagnosis.Acc ording to your LMP you will be around 8 weeks – 1 week pregnant, also you should know that a Gestational Sac is usually not seen with an Ultrasound before the Fifth week of pregnancy, with that being said you should estimate a pregnancy of more than 5 up to 8 weeks.The doctor might want to perform an ultrasound to evaluate the progress of your pregnancy; this would give him a better guess of your Gestational Period.I suggest you to comply with your Ultrasound and also you might want to start taking vitamins/ minerals especially containing Folic Acid and iron. I wish you the best.