Concern about a UTI infection occurence three weeks apart

Patient: I am a 71 year old male who is in good health. Three weeks ago I went to my Doctor and she said that I had a uti & sinus infection. I was prescriber an antibiotic and was ok after a few days. I finished the antibiotic. Last night I felt the symptoms again & went to the urgent Care. The Doctor said that I had another uti. She prescribed an antibiotic and today I already feel better. Last night my wife and I had sexual intercourse for the first time since the last uti. C that have anything to do with it? I am REALLY WORRIED NOW THAT THIS IS A SIGN OF CANCER!! I read some of the Symptoms on the internet & they REALLY SCARED ME!!!

Symptoms: Just congested

Doctor: Recurrent urinary infection is common in the elderly and this is often caused by declining immunity, with aging. Respons e to antibiotic is a confirmation of infection. While cancer in this age group is observed, none of your symptoms are suggestive of the same and it is not clear why you are worried about having cancer.In case you have any specific symptoms in mind, please consult your doctor for personalised advice, and discussion.