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Concern over exposure incident

Patient: Hello: I recently had an exposure event with a low risk partner that has me worried. While naked, we rubbed genitals (“dry hump”) although the head of my penis did not touch her vagina from what I remember. I fingered her deeply and she gave me a hand job. After fingering her I touched penis, but not the urethra opening. No penetration, oral or anal. She did have a strong odor. I have no obvious symptoms although, I think I feel some slight urethral itching. It is off and on and no burning when/after urinating. She did squeeze my penis rather hard. My question is, what are the chances I have contracted a bacteria/UTI/STD. I’m terrified, so anxious I can barely eat sleep. I have a family.



Symptoms: Itchy



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query ATD for an opinion,The fact that you are experiencing urethral itching and not burning sensation in urine yet can indicate that you have contracted a urinary tract infection or a possible fungal spore following dry humping. There are chances of spread of infection from her through skin contact like genital herpes if she had been active with the disease. However the best way to confirm or negate any infection would be to get a urethral swab culture done to grow any bacteria or fungal spore, if any, which may be the possible cause of itching. Accordingly, the situation can be dealt with antibacterials or antifungals.As there had been no penetration, the chances of contracting a std / Hiv is fairly low.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards

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Patient: Thank you very much
I have no urge to frequently urinate, no discharge. Does this indicate more of a fungal infection?

Doctor: Yes in that case fungal infection is more likely,

Patient: I am very sorry, I miss described my symptom. It is more of a very slight pain or tightness. Again, the feeling is very subtle and is not continuous
thanks in advance

Doctor: Well, In either case get a urethral swab culture test done, that would give a definitive cause if its an infection or just a local injury. Its futile trying to interpret and speculate without a culture report. Please get it done,


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