Concerned about being pregnant

Patient: Ive been off depo for 3 months now and my last injection was 6 months ago which was my 2nd injection. I missed my 3rd and 4th injection and since then ive started back ovulating and getting periods. Ive had 2 periods since ive stopped but now ive missed a period. Is this normal or could ibe pregnant? I’m curious because itook a LH test it came back positive & my HPT came back negative. I’m having clear white silky type of discharge instead of my period. What’s wrong my period 4 days late now.

Symptoms: Nausea,Backaches,Sharp pains on my left side by my ovary,Dizziness

Doctor: Hello,If you have resumed ovulation after depot and your last 2 cycles have been regular, still a miss of 4 days peri ods is not enough to call it a delay per se. A urine pregnancy test if has ruled out pregnancy then it is likely that this period may be delayed due to various stressors in day to day life which have a impact on hormonal levels as well causing delay in periods.So, if a pregnancy test is negative which can again be repeated at 7th post missed period day, then you should ideally wait for total 15 days for menses to resume naturally. If still menses don’t resume then you may opt for a withdrawal bleed with progestins to resume your menses after an ultrasound pelvis, ascertaining endometrial thickness more than 10mm.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards