Concerned About Paternity

Patient: About a year ago I was seeing a girl. It was a long distance relationship and she’d been diagnosed with fibroid tumors ( the doctors suggested a hyterectomy, but she’d refused ). She mentioned she’d like to have a baby and would I be interested. Since I was in my 40’s too and considered her to be someone I’d like to have a relationship with, I agreed. We got together Feb 28th and March 1 2009 ). When I was out mid-April 2009, she told me that when she’d seen her doctor, he’d told her that where her fibroids were located, there was no chance of here getting pregnant. She was devastated and pulled away from me afterwards depressed( we did not get together that trip ). Months later when I was speaking to her, she said that she’d gotten together with an old boyfriend and…. now she was pregnant. The baby was born by C-section on Dec 31, 2009. When she sent me pictures of the baby, I noticed that he looked a little like me ( but don’t all babies look similar ? ) and I have no idea what the dad looks like. My question: It seems like extremely slim odds, but is there a chance that the baby is mine? Things to consider: 1) During here checkup with her doctor, wouldn’t he have determined if she was pregnant? 2) She’d had a period since my last visit, but I’ve read that occasionally a fibroid during pregnancy can have a release similar to a period. 3) The timing is a bit off as I was with her 43 1/2 weeks before the due date. I don’t want to cause trouble for her as, in my opinion, the odds of me being dad are very slim. But, if he is my son I want to be in his life and to the best of my knowledge, the current dad is very disfunctional. I also still live far away so obtaining a DNA sample would be all but impossible.

Doctor: Hello, I realize how concerned you are about paternity. Certainly the possibilities that you are the father of the child are very minor; firstly she would have noticed a missed period after your encounter with her.  There is no information on the baby’s Gestational age, if the baby was delivered at term or since the child was delivered by C section, this could be the result of a Pre term baby due to the condition of the mother which would decrease your chances of paternity.Taking the date of your encounter with the mother of the child which is March 1st 2009 will give the baby approximately 3 more weeks of gestation which will sound almost impossible in a patient with uterine fibroids. This condition tends to interrupt pregnancies at early stages and for that reason the C section delivery is taken as an option. I hope I could clear your doubt.