Concerned about Pregnancy 5 days after Intercourse

Patient: I slept with my boyfriend about 5 days ago, and didnt use anythign, so had unprotected sex, so I would like to know if im pregnant or not, and Im not due for a period unitll another 3 weeks!? ANd I really need o find out asap? How can I do this? Today I woke up, with bad stomach pains like period pains, but not as bad, and my period isnt due for another 3 weeks like I said? Whats do I do?? How do I find out?? xx

Doctor: I understand how worried you are about possible pregnancy. Certainly if your menses are due approximately every 28 days and you have 3 more weeks, this would favor the chances of not being pregnant.After 5 days from intercourse, emergency contraceptives would not work and you could wait until your due date to rule out pregnancy or taking a home pregnancy test after a week. In the future, to avoid unwanted pregnancies you might want to use barrier methods such as female or male condoms. I wish you the best.