Concerned I am still pregnant

Patient: Well, I had a surgical abortion done in the beginning of this past august. I was 13.2 wks along when I had the procedure done which I regret very dearly. In October I took 2 home tests and they were negative and I have been getting my cycle regularly. But, I have been noticing a growing belly and lots of fetal like movement the past 8wks. It’s very precise movement and can be seen from the outside. Although, I have not gained any weight and don’t notice any pregnancy symptoms. It truly feels like a baby in my belly, I have not gone to the doctor in hopes it will go away but, it’s not. I have also not had any sexual interaction since before the abortion. Could I be pregnant still?!?

Symptoms: Growing belly w/no weight gain and movement

Doctor: Hello,If you have undergone a surgical abortion in August and your following pregnancy tests in October were negative and also you were not sexually active post abortion then there is no reason for you to be considered pregnant.The movements which you are able to witness per abdomen are probably peristaltic movemnts of the small intestines which may be seen in thin women with bloating or gaseous distension or in thin skinned women where movements tend to get obvious.Secondly for your information fetal movements can be perceived only when the baby is about 18 weeks of gestation and such movements can be appreciated abdominally only in the last trimester at around 34-36 th week onwards.I hope i have answered your query and discussed your doubt in detail.wishing you good health,regards