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Concerns about Cigarettes and Alcohol Abuse

Patient: I’m concerned about my fiancé’s health. He is 39 years old and has diverticulitis. He has poor eating and exercise habits. He found out he has mono. But my worry is the amount of nicotine and alcohol he consumes on a daily basis. He’s been smoking a pack a day. He drinks an 8 oz of black velvet liquor about 4 days a week, drinks two 40’s of beer each night, and 40 airplane bottles a week. At this rate, what age would he make it to? And does he get classy eyes from all the drinking?



Symptoms: Classy eyes, fatigue, memory loss



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,It is indeed a fact that your fiancé is bordering the limit of alcohol abuse and his consumption of alcohol is definitely beyond permissible limits and a pack of cigarette daily is equally violaceous for his lung. Considering that he is habitual now, it is important that he should be made to stop and referred to a rehabilitation centre for the same. This amount shall not only cause severe liver damage, leading to alcoholic cirrhosis of liver but smoking can potentiate early precancerous lesions of lung sooner in the form of cancerous pulmonary nodules.As diverticulitis has already set in, indicative that his gastrointestinal system has already been affected. If he continues with this rate, his life expectancy shall definitely decrease to next 5-10 years. Hence the seriousness of his condition should be understood and he should be soon considered for alcohol rehabilitation.I hope i have answered your query,Regards

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Patient: Wow I will look into getting him help as soon as possible. I know that’s okay to have one glass of wine a night but his consumption is over the line and far too dangerous. Are you saying there’s a possibility he could be on his death bed in the next 5-10 years? And if he stops these habits within a year do you think he could save his lungs and live in time if he’s had this habit since he was 18?

Doctor: Well, all i can say is that his habits are dangerous and can be really harmful to his health at this rate and if he has been drinking since 18 years of age. it would be apt if he can get a baseline examination of liver function tests & chest X-ray done to estimate the damage already done.
Then, the next can be planned.


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