Concerns about Fraxel

Patient: I am 58 years old who has a little skin laxity in my jaw area. I don’t smoke and I stay out of the sun. Is having Fraxel skin tightening laser treatment a good idea to tighten my skin in my jaw area if someone has Rosacea? I was told that my face would be very red after the Fraxel treatment and I would have to curtail my yoga classes and other activities for a week. Is this kind of treatment risky for someone with Rosacea? I don’t want to look like I was in a burning house after one week. I don’t want to look like someone poured gasoline on me. How risky is this for someone with Rosacea? I had pulse dye laser treatments for broken blood vessels on my face due to Rosacea about 8 years ago, but my face was extra red for only a half day and I did not have to curtail any activities. Why do I have to curtail activities with Fraxel? Is Fraxel riskier than pulse dye laser treatments? Thank-you