Concerns after BMG urethroplasty

Patient: Hi doctor,I had a long running problem of urethral stricture, for which, I have recently (about a month ago) undergone BMG urethroplasty. I am wearing catheter now, which is to stay further for a week or so. Sometimes I have erections (mostly during night) during which I feel a bit discomfort and also a bit pain inside my penis. Does it have any impact on the healing of the internal wound, OR, does it have any other bad impacts ? Also, I have noticed peri catheter white discharge sometimes. Is it normal ?

Doctor: You mentioned that you have underwent Buccal Mucosal Graft urethroplasty for urethral stricture. You are on urinary cath eter as it allows the graft to repair and heal. It is not advisable to have erections during the healing, as it might delay the healing process. It is always advised to e in control. You also complained of white discharge. If it is bad smelling, associated with irritation or itch, you have fever, etc you mostly have infection. Consult your surgeon for personal examination and if required smear and culture of the discharge should be done for further management.

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Patient: Hi doctor,
Thanks for your reply. But actually I do not have any control over the erections that happen during night. In general, how much time approx does it take for the graft to be completely set and internal healing to complete ? This is because, I had a urethrogram (XRAY) test done on 4th Mar (I had the surgery on 7th Feb) and that test showed that there is a focal leakage at the urethroplasty site. Can it be related to the erections ? I had another one to be done on 18th. Is there any chance that the healing totally completes by this time and there is no leakage ? Please help.