Condom broke and chances of pregnancy

Patient: Dear Doctor, I had sex with my girlfriend July 23rd, and the condom broke. I immediately pulled out, and I didn’t ejaculate. Her last cycle ended July 11th and she was supposed to get her period yesterday August 8th. She is now a day late but she hasn’t had any early pregnancy signs. She has felt like she normally does before she gets her period, but she’s been feeling that for 2 weeks now, and yesterday she got a headache, like she did before her last cycle. We normally are safe, but something happened. Please do reply, the odds, and any other valuable information. Thank you.

Symptoms: PMS Symptoms; light pressure lower abdomen; headache. No Pregnancy symptoms.

Doctor: Condom accidents are common. Whenever in doubt it is safer to use an emergency contraceptive or morning after pill. Thes e pills can be used with effect upto 72 hours after the intercourse and are fairly reliable in preventing an unwanted pregnancy.I can understand how terribly anxious this time must be for both of you.Since you did not ejaculate into the vagina or anywhere near it, the chances of pregnancy are nearly nil although you can never be too sure just by knowing the same.The best way to end this confusion and stress is to do a home pregnancy test. Your friend must just follow the instructions on the pack and she shall be able to take the test herself without any hassles.I strongly urge the both of you to visit a family planning clinic or a contraception counselor and discuss the benefits and use of emergency contraceptive or morning after pills. Armed with the proper knowledge, I am sure you will be able to avoid such anxious moments in the future.

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Patient: Thanks Doctor. My only concern is it has been a week and still nothing. She feels it coming but no blood has yet to come. She does still feel pressure, but only on some days. No pregnancy symptoms have arrived either. Any suggestions?