Condom broke but he didn’t climax, probability I am pregnant?

Patient: So this might be too graphic but I am just going crazy and I need a second opinion.. so my boyfriend and I had sex about a week ago. I was on my last day of my period (but basically off of it, but some minor spotting) and the condom broke.. he didn’t climax. I thought I might be ok so I didn’t take plan B, but now the ideas and worries are flying around in my head like a pinball in the game.. No judgments please, I just need to know the probability that I might be pregnant.I am 15 years old and I weigh 129lbs and am 5′ 5”Hope this helps

Symptoms: No symptoms

Doctor: Thank you for your query.When you are still spotting & you had sex the probabilities are less for you to conceive. If it was something around your day 5 or day 6 the probabilities are still less. But if you don’t get your periods 7 to 10 days past your expected date menstrual cycle it is better to opt for a home pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.