Condom Slipped off Really Worrried

Patient: Me and my bf had sex about two weeks ago and the thing is that we didnt know how to put a condom on and when we rolled it down it didnt wanna go so he took it off and im worried that pre cum got onto it becuase i think he put it inside out but then when we had intercourse and i stood up tthe condom slipped off but he didnt ejaculate so im kinda wondering if im pregnant alot of people say im not but i wanted to ask a doctor

Doctor: The pre-ejaculation fluid may contain few sperms, and also there may be the possibility that some seminal fluid may have escaped due to improper use of the condom.Although there are very minimal chances that you may be pregnant, this possibility cannot be ruled out a 100%. If are expecting your menses in the coming few days, there is a possibility that you may have been ovulating at the time you had sex, which would increase your risk of pregnancy (assuming any fluid had escaped). Otherwise, the chances of you being pregnant would be almost nil.You need to be careful everytime and remember that contraceptive measures have maximum effect only when used correctly.