Confused about balanitis and what causes it

Patient: I was wondering what STD’s or fungal or bacterial infections can cause balanitis as its only symptom??? ive had balanitis with no redness or no sores just the dry and flaky and shiny penis head and im circumsized and i also have white patches on my tongue that i can scrape off and some that i cant for 7 months now and was prescribed some athletes foot cream with clomotrazole to treat it but maybe i didnt put in on enough or as much that was needed i wasnt prescribed anything for my oral condition however i went home and had sex with my girlfriend unprotected and she was complaining of a yeast infection and went to her doctor and was treated for a yeast infection sucessfully

Doctor: Balantitis is the inflammation and infection of the glans penis. This is usually caused due to a bacterial infection and is not a sexually transmitted condition. The plaques that you have in your mouth may be due to candida and i would advice you to show the same to your family physician for further testing. All the best.