Confused about Pregnancy Symptoms

Patient: I would like to know can I possibly be pregnant after testing negative?

Symptoms: Me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex. This month my period was due on the 26th but came on the 23rd and I bled the heaviest I ever had for five days and then it stopped. Then about three days later, I spotted a slimy pinkish/brown discharge every morning for two days and then that stopped as well. And the following days up til now I have had major bloating, cramping, dizziness, white milky discharge that has a slight odor sometimes. Sometimes constipated to soft bowel but a lot at once.

Doctor: Pregnancy can be ruled out after pregnancy test reports as negative. Moreover you had menses which also rules out pregna ncy. Bloating, cramping, dizziness could be due to heavy bleeds and white discharge might be due to infection after unprotected sex. Consult a gynecologist for detailed examination and get treated properly for the symptoms, but be assured that you are mostly not pregnant.