Confused and worried

Patient: I had a surgical abortion 07/24/14 at 13.2 weeks pregnant. (I’m 5’8 & 111lbs) In the last week of October I took two home pregnancy tests that were clearly negative. Since then I have had regular periods and no weight gain…I actually lost a few pounds, as I am now 109. All of my pregnancy symptoms went away but, I have noticed my belly looking bloated and I constantly have movement. I can see/feel it from the outside. I went to my OBGYN a week ago who pushed on my belly and did a quick oral exam and confirmed I was not pregnant and I am causing my body to think so, psychological. So, I took two more home pregnancy tests 3 nights ago that were also clearly negative. But, I am still having this movement in my belly. Mostly on my left side and sometimes it looks like a little ball and then goes away. I have about 2-3 regular bowel movements a day now as well which I never had pre surgical abortion. I am very afraid I am pregnant, as I would be having a baby in just a few weeks. But Im not nearly big enough. I had my first child 15mnths ago and the movement truly feels like a little baby. Could I get some insight on what this might be?!

Symptoms: Possible pregnancy

Doctor: Hello,If your pregnancy tests have been repeatedly negative then there are absolutely no chances of you being pregnan t. The likely cause of the subjective movements you have been experiencing is probably because of increased peristalsis movements of the intestine which occurs in hypermotility syndrome or even gastroenteritis. It is usually accompanied with bloating sensation which can cause swelling or protrusion of the belly emulating pregnancy abdomen. So, it is suggested that you may under go a stool test to look for any gut infection causing the above symptoms. As you have been examined by a physician already and labelled as non pregnant then its more psychological rather a reality .I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards