Confused! Have signs of pregnancy – When to take test?

Patient: Hi doc. i am a 22 years old women, i had my last last period on Dec. 24 2011, then i make-out with my boyfriend last January 2 and 3, i really don’t know when did it got in, then my pregnant was late it came on January 27,i had very heavy flow and it stop on the 3rd day. then this months of febraury i started vomitting, irritated to some smells, frequent urinations, slight eating habit, sore breast. and i did’nt have my Feb. period untill now. today is march 1. do i have the chance of getting pregnant?

Doctor: Symptoms of vomiting, increased frequency of urination and sore breasts are very unspecific and though they could be sig ns of pregnancy, they could be due to many other conditions. They only way for you to find out whether you are pregnant or not is by doing a home pregnancy test. These tests are pretty standard nowadays and are fairly accurate. However the best time to take them is after a week or more of a missed period. Do the test early morning with the first urine sample. I hope I have answered your question, take care.