Confused with a UTI and results

Patient: I went to my GP with what I thought was a UTI as I had one in September 2014 I had a urine test done and went to see my urologist he said that its NOT a UTI but its bacteria in my vagina causing the problem but my urine sample test came up with a UTI saying there was an infection there I feel like my consultant isn’t taking me seriously and said to stop taking my antibiotics too which was quite strange I am quite interested in medicine but I am at a loss what is really going on

Symptoms: Back pain, flank pain, fever, lower stomach pain, nausea

Doctor: Thank you for your question.Because of the close nature of female anatomy, both conditions are possible and can have overlapping symptoms.To further complicate the matter, the urine test is not a conclusive sample as the urine can be contaminated from other nearby sources (vaginal/anal).In non routine cases, doctors will often make an educated guess and prescribe treatment based on that. If the treatment is taken fully and the symptoms have not resolved, doctors will often then prescribe treatment for the other cause.If both rounds of treatment do not work, more invasive tests may be needed (vaginal exam, urethroscopy)