Confusion of what this may be

Patient: Hi,Recently I had sex with a girl that we both were tested and don’t have any STD’s. A day or so after, I saw what look like little rashes or sores on my upper thigh about 4 inches from my genitals but nothing on my genitals or in the seams between the genitals or thigh. There was about five of them, none of which were filled with fluid or pus. We had used baby oil as a lubricant, which idk if I have had an allergic reaction. If neither of us have any STD’s, what could this be? The

Symptoms: Itching, slight irritation when rubbed against clothing

Doctor: Rashes may be caused by allergy, or infection or both. Sexually transmitted infection is definitely a concern but in you r case the rash may not be related to STIs. One must get repeat and adequate testing before one is declared safe. Please consult with your family physician for remedy.