Congested and Clogged Throat

Patient: My throat always feels clogged and when I cough something up, its a greenish color. My nose seems to feel dry often. When I swallow, my food feels like it take a second to go down. What do you think is the issue?

Symptoms: Clogged throat, green mucus, dry nose, difficulty swallowing

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We are sorry that you experiencing such symptoms. These symptoms are consistent with a bact erial infection of your throat and sinuses. The greenish colour of your sputum is often found in bacterial pharyngitis. This bacterial infection can also infect the sinuses leading to congestion, and nasal symptoms consistent to yours. We recommend that you go to your nearest urgent care center and have your doctor examine your throat. You may also need to have a swabbing of your throat taken in order to be tested for the type of bacteria causing this infection. It is likely that you will be prescribed a course of oral antibiotics to treat this infection. This should clear this infection without any complication.Thank you for consulting