Patient: My son who is 19 months has had nose bleeds for approximately 4 months now. It occurs most often while sleeping. There are times when I do turn the humidifier and that seem to help! But when I do not have it on it starts again! I live in Colorado and I know the altitude is high and miserably dry. Ethan visited the doctor’s recently and no concerns and also indicated that it’s normal. The doctor checked his nose and suggested that if his nose were soft between his eyes, he would have concerns. My husband is more concerned about it because he is home to see the nose bleeds. Should I be concern and ask for a second opinion? Thank you

Doctor: Nose bleeds (Epistaxis) are fairly common in children. The most common cause is incidental trauma such as nose picking. Dry membranes are much more likely to become irritated and bleed. Other frequent causes include foreign objects in the nose and  bleeding disorders, A four month history is relatively long and requires a thorough investigation. I suggest obtaining a second opinion.