Constant back pain in a Teenager

Patient: Im an 18 year old female and when i was in grade 9 i hurt my back during volleyball practce ever since then my back has been constantly hurting and doesnt seem to get better. i do play sports and have been in 2 car accidents however i did take a month or so off of phyisical activites because i sprained my ankle so i was hoping it would go away then but it never did. it especially hurts when i turn to kick a ball in soccer or bend down to fast. i really wish the pain would go away seeing how its been 4 and a half years now and its really affecting the way i play, any ideas what could be causeing it?

Doctor: I strongly recommend you that you get a complete and thoroughly evaluation by a orthopedic surgeon, preferably spine spe cialist, in the view of your past medical history and the long duration of your back pain, to rule out potential causes for your symptoms and decide the best and definitive treatment options for you.Initial investigations should include an xray. Depending on the results, a CT or MRI may be warranted.