Constant back pain in a young mother of a 16 month old baby

Patient: I am currently living with constant pain in my back. I have been to the doctors but being the typical NHS they just tell me to put a self referral in for physio, of which i have done twice and never heard anything back. The dr does not even look at my back. i went to an osteopath who said i had a kink in my spine but i could only afford to go twice. Symptoms i experience: I am woken in the night with pain when i attempt to turn over. My range of motion when trying to turn is limited eg. (and sorry for this) I have difficulty turning when on the toilet to wipe myself. When i put my chin to my chest i feel a painful pulling up my spine. Intermittant shooting pains in my buttocks. I cannot stand for more that 5-10 mins without my back seizing. When i stand up after sitting down i cannot straighten up for a couple of minutes. Constant sensation of tightness in my middle and lower back. Upper back feels twisted if i stand or sit for too long. I am scared to be in the bath or shower on my own in case i seize up and slip. Cooking the dinner is a painful chore. The thought of bending down to pick things up makes me want to cry. I am just so exhausted from this, i avoid daily tasks because i know if i did them all in one day that there is no way i could cook a dinner in the evening. I am not necessarily looking for a diagnosis on here, what i would like is some guidance of what questions to ask my Dr. I had a baby 16 months ago and i keep getting palmed off with it being my pelvic floor. The problem with that is i had these problems before falling pregnant. I dont not have any urine leakage and i did my pelvic floor exercises regularly.

Doctor: You are a young woman with a 16 months old baby, having evident limitation to performed your daily life activities due t o a persistent back pain, which cause has not being determined and is unclear. Several causes must be ruled out from a root nerve compression to an autoimmune disorder causing bone degenerative changes. I strongly recommend you to have a comprehensive evaluation by a specialist, maybe a rheumatologist or an Orthopedist,  with lab tests and imaging studies (MRI or at least X-rays), to determine the exact underlying cause and accordingly proceed to treatment.