Constant cough and runny nose

Patient: I had a cold about a month ago. I am no longer congestion and my nose is not stopped up but I am still coughing and my nose is leaking. I’m worried because I can’t help but wonder if my smoking has caught up with me. I’ve never had a cold/cough last this long. Someone told me it might be my sinuses but I’ve never had sinus problems. Please help. Should I be worried?

Doctor: I realize how concerned you are about your cough and rhinitis. After a regular cold, le t me reassure you that commonly the cough is one of the last symptoms to resolve.However since you are a smoker and your Respiratory Mucosa is being constantly irritated; the effects from this could be confused with upper respiratory infections. Also there could be more chances of developing Bronchitis in smokers after an upper respiratory infection.I would suggest you to consult your primary care physician for a more detailed history and examination to rule out the exact diagnosis, in the meantime drink plenty of fluids to clear your lungs and you may also want to try using over the counter antihistamines for your rhinitis. I wish you a prompt recovery.