Constant fatigue, excessive urination and lack of motivation

Patient: Hi, I am a 37 yer old female, i suffer from constant fatigue, mornig muscle cramps, lack of motivation and lack of libido, I also find that i am urinating quite a lot and i wake several times during the night to go. My own gp ran tests last year and found nothing so prescribed anti depressants (lexapro), which hasnt changed anything except the morning cramps slightly eased. I dont believe that i suffer with depression but cant seem to find an answer to my symptons…Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Doctor: Taking into account your excessive urination I would like to rule out diabetes. You could also have either chronic fatig ue syndrome or dysthymia ie a less severe form of depression. I would advice you also to get a Complete blood count done just to rule out Anemia which can cause similar symptoms. All the best.