Constant Knee issues

Patient: When I fell in gymclass a year ago, I couldnt stop dealing through a large amount of pain. I had to go to the ER to get an xray, but nothing really seemed to be wrong accrding to the doctor. He said it was a contusion and he put an immobilizer on it. Months later, I fell on it again, playing softball. I had gotten an MRI but it came back with nothing wrong. I had soccer a few weeks ago and I fell on it really hard,hurting the left side of my knee cap. I could not get upand my father had toke me to the Emergency room, this was a sprain and I could not go to school for 2 days. It still hurtsand it is my right knee. Sometimes when I walk, It gives out. Should I see a orthopedic suregon as recommended by my uncle who is a doctor?