Constant knee pain fourteen months after lateral release surgery

Patient: I’m 16 years old and my kneEs have been dislocating since I was 11 . I had lateral release surgery on my right knee last April. I quit sports because of the problems with my knee, but after my surgery I. Was able to get back in to playing softball. I went through the physical therapy first of course, then a few months later got in to softball again. Softball ended last mmonth and I experienced pain while doing it, but figured it was just normal. But now, tthe pain in my right knee is the worst it has ever been, it tingles constantly, and it keeps me up at night. I’m young, and I just want to know how to get rid of this pain.Thank you!

Doctor: Factors such as the extent and location of the lesion, the amount of articular cartilage degeneration on weight-bearing surfaces, the duration of injury, and the joint stability affect the pace and aggressiveness of the rehabilitation program, the healing time and the outcome. No preset duration for any phase of rehabilitation is described, and the healing time is different for each patient. I suggest that you continue with your physical therapy treatment, emphasizing the range of flexion-extension movements of the knee, and also strengthening of quadriceps and hamstrings muscles. If after doing this you keep having the same problems and notice no improvement with the limitation or pain, I strongly recommend that you get reevaluated by an orthopedic surgeon to determine the best course of action and treatment options for you.