Constant phlegm in throat

Patient: Hi, I know this almost definitely isn’t allergy related as the cetirizine i took did nothing, but I couldn’t find a more appropriate section. If you cannot help me, if could you recommend another section it would be much appreciated.A few years back I started having this problem where my nose was permanently blocked up. I would blow my nose, and it would make a horrible bubbling sound, the tissue would FILL with snot and within minutes I would need to blow it again.I went to an ENT surgeon, got a horrible camera stuck up my nose, and he said it was because I still had huge adenoids (I think i was 16 at the time.)So, I had my first adenoidectomy. I think this was in 2010 or 2011.All this seemed to do was make it so that instead of snot in my nose, I would get huge phlegm balls in my throat that I had to cough up every 30-60 minutes. So, I went back to the ENT surgeon eventually and had another adenoidectomy in 2013, as apparently in the first one he basically made a tunnel through the adenoid instead of completely removing it. These seemed to make the problem worse, as instead of it all collecting for me to cough up every 30-60 minutes, it became a constant stream of phlegm into my throat which i would have to cough up every couple of minutes.I was prescribed nasonex, and also took cetirizine. I tried to cover every angle so took a pill that’s meant to treat thrush (read somewhere it could be a yeast infection in my stomach), and also tried taking daily grapefruit seed extract. (I normally wouldn’t go self-prescribing medicines, especially not herbal crap like that but i was desperate). None of these medicines seemed to be working, so i stopped taking them a few months back. It has gradually got back to the point where unless i’m ill I only have to cough it up every 30-60 minutes again, but I would like a CURE.It’s so embarrassing being with friends, or even new people I’ve never met. I don’t like being that guy who is constantly coughing up balls of phlegm and getting weird looks from everyone, and people think is disgusting.Also, the phlegm is usually clear or white, but sometimes is anywhere from yellow to a fluorescent green which practically glows in the dark, depending on my general wellness (I seem to get colds and stuff more often than most people).Sorry for the ridiculously long post, i just wanted to get in as much info as possible.Thanks,Stu.