Constant shoulder pain: Whats the cause.

Patient: So I was told by my Chiropractor that I have a loose shoulder ligament. I’ve been playing badminton for four years now and this hasn’t occurred until recently. She says that the muscles are constantly contracting and trying to stay together because the ligaments are too loose. I know I don’t have something as severe as shoulder instability because I can still move my arm in any motion I want to, but the pain is just never ending and it really prevents me from carrying anything. Any advice to treat this? Is this even real?

Doctor: You may be having some rotator cuff injury , tendonitis or a nerve impingement which may be leading to the pain. It is t ypical to have continued range of motion but pain is usually present.It is difficult for me to exactly pin point what may be causing your symptoms without further information and axamination . However you will need further investigations like a shoulder xray and or ultrasound to see the condition of the joint and ligaments . I advice you to contact your family physician for a more complete physical examination too.