Constant urge to urinate

Patient: I feel a constant urge to urinate. I went to urgent care and they found no infection. Nothing abnormal with urine. It is very uncomfortable. They gave me antibiotics. They also said I was very dehydrated. The only pain I feel is like if u have to go really bad and it stings. I am 38 years old and in good health. It has been going on since Monday.

Symptoms: Constant urge to urinate

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Urinary tract infections can present with increased frequency , urgency of urination and constant urge to urinate.Dehydration can lead to concentrated urine which can also cause pain during micturition.You have to take plenty of oral fluids like three to four liters per day, this can maintain the hydration and can decrease pain.Sometimes urine microscopy may not detect the infection, so better to complete the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.If pain still persists, urine alkalizers can help in relieving the symptoms and urine culture & sensitivity and ultrasound can help in finding out the cause for the problem.Take care.