Constant urge to urinate and negative test for urine infection

Patient: From May 10 – May 20, I was on antibiotics for a kidney infection (first Cipro, then Macrobid when urine culture came back showing a resistance to Cipro). On May 25, I started feeling the constant urge to urinate, and worried that the infection had returned, or I’d gotten a new one. However, AZO test strips have come back negative for a UTI. I’ve been drinking lots of water in an attempt to flush whatever this is out, but it’s not happening. I can’t afford to go to the doctor again, what is most likely going on?

Doctor: There could be a possibility of infection not been cleared completely following antibiotic treatment or re infection may have occurred. Another reason for the constant urge for urination could be an incomplete emptying of the bladder due to some neurogenic or other undelrying cause. Consultation with a specialist may help diagnose the problem.