Constant vaginal discomfort after UTI

Patient: Hi,I hope you can help me. I have had several symptoms for over a month now. It seems to have started after a bad UTI (triggered by sexual intercourse) that I was given antibiotics for (Trimetrophin to be exact) that seemed to have cleared the infection in itself as in it got rid off the urgency, but ever since I have been experiencing vaginal discomfort, burning and throbbing. At first it felt like it was more around my urethra, and people at the pharmacy told me it was most likely due to the irritation caused by my UTI but that it would go away, but it never did. The discomfort/pain varies depending on the days, and comes and goes as well, but I always feel something’s not right. It definitely gets worse in the evening or when I am sat down, and I always feel like I m on the verge of getting another UTI. I got another bout of UTI a week ago (so that is two in two months) and was given Nitrofurantoin to fix it. The UTI symptoms sort of overrode my daily symptoms, and I felt better for the first 2 days, but I am now back to the way I was before my second UTI. It feels like my vagina is constantly sore or irritated. I started taking a birth control pill more or less when my problems started, could it be the reason? I am a bit worried it could be something serious. Thanks in advance.

Symptoms: vaginal discomfort, vaginal irritation, uti