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Constipation after hemorrhoidectomy

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I had hemmorrhoidectomy 5 days ago as outpatient. The first day I had urinary retention which resolved with foley catheter. So far I have not had a bowel movement and the pain is extreme. I stopped the Vicoding due to constipation, have tried mineral oil by mouth, metamucil (which I stopped), sit baths more than frequently. I am passing gasses and very minimum stool. Is there anything to relax the annal sphincter? I do believe that my colon is irritated since the two or three pieces of stool are thin like shoelaces. I am applying topical aids such as lidocaine, cooling pads, spray xilocaine, etc. Thanks for your prompt answer.


Quite likely, your constipation is related to your post-operative pain. To relieve your constipation will require adequate control of your pain. You should continue the present pain medications as prescribed your doctor. You should also use the stool softeners such as mineral oil and Metamucil. It may take a few days before these various medications take full effect but they are usually very effective in aiding recovery after hemorrhoidectomy.

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