Constipation and pain in legs

Patient: Hello,My mother is 55 years old, she has been dealing with diabetes and its side effects from the past 15 years. Her diabetes has been under control but the side effects like constipation, joint pain, foot discomfort, pain in legs, high blood pressure etc. are persisting and increasing through the course of time. Her constipation is very severe and she cannot sleep at night due to pain in legs. We have changed many doctors and medicines in these years but problem of constipation and pain in legs has not shown any progress. Some medicines work for few days and then stop showing any effect specially on constipation. As if we are running out of medicines which can work for my mother. From the past one week she had had cramps in legs (thighs and lower part of shin) which caused unbearable pain until it gets resolved by massaging legs for few minutes. I have the following questions:1. Please suggest a good doctor who is specialist in above mentioned problems?2. What are the things to avoid and consume in diet? (Many people give contradictory suggestions and we are confused and tired, please send a detailed chart if possible)3. How to deal with situations of cramps? (First-Aid solutions)4. My mother is very lazy so she does not perform any physical exercise and she is very impatient too hence she looks up for immediate results from medicines, if it does not show any effect in one week she stops taking medicines. how to deal with these situations? (Human psychology)Looking forward to your reply.Thank you and Best regards.Mohit