Constipation in a 6 month old baby

Patient: My 6 month old son has severe constipation and so far the vasoline and thermometer trick is not working. He is straining really hard so we worry about hernia’s and want him to get better fast. My question is; We bought some anti-constipation herbal tea but we are not sure if it is okay to give him an ounce to help relieve his constipation. Be is still breast feeding but he is also eating baby food now. Can you please help?

Doctor: Constipation is frequently seen when a child is weaning and when a new food is introduced. Other causes could be not get ting enough fluids and low fiber intake. When babies start eating solid foods after six months, foods that contain fibre are important to help with regular, soft stools. Foods with fibre may also help with constipation. Fibre is found in grain products, vegetables, fruits and legumes (beans, peas and lentils). When offering solid foods, offer breastmilk or formula first and solid foods no longer than 15-20 minutes after. Offer sips of water in a sippy cup. Water should not replace your baby`s intake of breastmilk or formula.