Constipation in a 6 year old child

Patient: I have 6 year old son every time he wants apoo he doesnt go he walks around till he doesnt want to go any more will this up set him if he carrys on doing it

Doctor: Constipation certainly is a common condition in children and is considered one of the most common causes for a visit to the Pediatrician. The most common cause of it is dietary, decreasing foods that are constipating, including cow’s milk, bananas, yogurt, cheese, cooked carrots and other foods that are low in fiber. For children that drink a lot of milk, soy milk is a good alternative, as it is usually much less constipating than cow’s milk and surely increasing the fiber and clear fluids in his diet. Sometimes constipation in a child could be due to anxiety or anal fissures. If increasing his fluid intake and Glycerin suppositories do not help, consult your child`s doctor for a history and physical examination. I wish your son a prompt recovery.