Consulting for a LIPID profile

Patient: I would like to know the suggestions for my report on LIPID ProfileResults are:Cholesterol – 187.1 mg/dLTriglycerides – 318.0 mg/dLCholesterol, HDL – 23.4 mg/dLCholesterol, LDL – 100.1 mg/dLCholesterol, VLDL – 63.6 mg/dLCholesterol/HDL Ratio – 8.0Age: 28 yrs 9 months

Symptoms: Nothing, just consulting

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The DoctorYou have deranged lipid profile. With such high level of triglycerides, treatment is warran ted.I would advise you to get following investigations done:1. Fasting Blood Sugar2. Thyroid Profile.3. ECG.You should be started on a combination containing Atorvastatin and Fenofibrates.Reduce your weight.Avoid Fatty food, alcohol, smoking, potato, rice, oil.This is my best opinion for you.You should discuss with your doctor before acting upon any advice.Hope this helps.Stay healthy.