Patient: CONTINUATION TO MY QUERRY ABOUT MY OLDER SISTER.Her urine infection had become better with antibiotics but now has hit her again even worse.* Initially, she was diagnosed as having acute UTS – urine sample taken for urine culture, antibiotics given.* 2 weeks later she had pain in her lower abdomen, inflamed area on the left hand side of her abdomen and pain on the ribcage – just above the inflamed abdomen.* Was worried it could be her diverticulitis (has history and had done a surgery 20 years ago) or kidney.* Doctor checked her and said not to worry, her kidney, stomach and rib cage are fine. He said when one has severe UTS, it causes contractions and pain on the stomach, gets swollen and the contractions affect the ribcage. IS THAT TRUE?* Doctor asked for a second urine culture to be done.* Doctor asked her for a second urine culture

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your review query. Read and understood the history.Yes, it is true that the changes in distensi on, contractions and resultant pain can be as your sister’s Doctor said. This is called reflex phenomenon and should settle with control of urinary infection.It is better to go for urine culture, will help only.I hope this answers your query.Please feel free to further communicate so that we can help your sister to the maximum.