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Continue Cipro or not?

Patient: A home UTI test kit was positive for leukocytes, negative for nitrites. I had no UTI symptoms other than urine seemed to have an odor. Based on that alone, a NP prescribed Cipro for 3 days. I also provided another urine sample, but she said to start the Cipro right away before the results were in. Lab results came back today completely negative for UTI. Question is: do I need to finish the remaining Cipro? If there are no bad bacteria to kill, won’t it just kill off all the good bacteria in the gut??



Symptoms: None.



Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD, thank you for the query.I can understand your concern.Do not take remaining dose of cip rofloxacin as it is not required.Your concern about good bacteria in the gut is right.It is a broad spectrum antibiotic. Its spectrum of activity includes most strains of bacterial pathogens responsible for respiratory, urinary tract, gastrointestinal, and abdominal infections, including Gram-negative (Escherichia coli, Haemophilus influenza, Klebsiella pneumonia, Legionella pneumophila, Moraxella catarrhal’s, Proteus mirabilis, and Pseudomonas aeruginosin), and Gram-positive methicillin-sensitive bacterial pathogens.So start probiotics or curd in your diet for at least 3 days.I hope you are free from urinary tract infection symptoms now.Feel free to consult further if you have any more queries.Regards.

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Patient: Thank you for your answer. I’m still a bit unsure what to do. If I stop the Cipro since the lab showed no presence of a UTI I lower the risk of gut problems, but I might create a resistant bacteria if there actually 1) was a UTI or 2) was another problem it was addressing. The reason I wonder if there was a UTI is that the sample I provided was after I had drank gallons of water. Even the nurse said the urine was VERY diluted. Might that affect the results? (Again the homekit did show positive for leukocytes.) Also, I was at the time feeling very poorly due to a head cold, running a low-grade fever. It could be coincidence, but the evening after I took the first pill, I felt so much better. So might I actually have had a sinus infection that the Cipro was helping? In which case should I take the remaining pills to avoid creating a superbug? Thank you for any additional advice you can provide. (Sorry if you get this question follow-up twice, not sure it went thru the first time.)

Doctor: Okay, with your description of diluted urine, fever and sinusitis, I would now suggest you to complete the 3 day course of ciprofloxacin along with probiotics.
I was not in favour initially as you were almost symptom free and there are many side effects of ciprofloxacin.

Patient: Okay, thank you for your help. I will do that then. I already eat lots of yogurt, but will add in a probiotic as well.

Doctor: We are here to help you.
Take care.


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