Continued problems since past injury

Patient: Should I seek medical attention and what tests should I request?

Symptoms: I have no reports or images that can be uploaded. Almost 20 months ago I fell down a flight of stairs and ended up with a severe dislocation of my ankle, broken tibia and fibula resulting in surgery to put in a plate and rod. It took 8 months to walk again because my knee would give under any amount of weight bearing, I was also lacking tremendous amount of mobility in my knee (I lacked 45 degrees from straight and only had about a 15-20 degree range of motion). With all of this we have yet to figure out what is causing this so I stopped seeing the Dr because he stated there was nothing else he could think of to do. Now nearly 2 years after the initial injury the pain is getting worse, I still lack about 10 degrees from both straight and fully bent, when I squat down my knee cap feels like it is going to pop off from pressure underneath it, I still have popping and grinding with movement, i can not find any relief for the pain or swelling. the pain is located in a few different areas that I have pin pointed; the inside area of my knee, below the knee (from top of knee cap down into my shin), above my knee cap (towards my thigh), and the outside area of my knee.