Continued Symptoms After Spine Surgery

Patient: I had back surgery 5 weeks ago for herniated disc. I suffered pain in my left leg, such as burning alongside of my knee and just below my knee, pain in my groin area, and weakness in my left leg. I am still having the same pain symptoms,since surgery. Is this normal?….thanks

Doctor: You have not stated the type of surgery done. Nonetheless, the procedure would have been to relieve the symptoms you wer e experiencing. Some procedures that are done for your symptoms offer only temporary relief, such as steroid injections and laser surgery. These are considered minor surgical procedures. Major surgery, which involves putting you under general anesthesia, tends to offer more permanent solutions. If you had major surgery and still experiencing symptoms at the same level as before surgery, you may need to undergo a reoperation to do more extensive work. After five weeks you should have had some relief from your pain.