Continuing Strep throat and other Symptoms

Patient: Hi, so about 4 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with strep throat. I took the antibiotics that the doctor prescribed me (Amoxicillin). It was a pink liquid version. He told me to take it for ten days. I then had a rash that started on my elbows as splotches, and then it spread around my body as a small rash. This was the 9th day of the antibiotics. After that was done about a week after I had strep throat again when I went to the doctor. He prescribed me a higher dose of antibiotics (Cephalexin) about 2g per day. (500mg in one tablet, and I took 2 in the morning and 2 at night.) It had been the 9th day (today) and everything is gone. But now I have a stuffed up nose, and my voice is scraggly. And it leaks during the night. Thanks so much.

Symptoms: Strep throat: Swollen Lymph Glands, Sore Throat, Stuffed Nose, Sore neck Right now: Stuffed Nose, Scraggly Voice, Runny nose