Contraceptive 2-month Injection Odd Side Effects

Patient: Hello Doctor, my name is Domanique, I am 21 years old and female. On the 28th of October I received the two-month contraceptive injection for the first time. The first month was just fine, no mood swings, no period and no nausea. The past 2 weeks I have had incredible mood swings, I started to have a heavy period on Monday this week and it is still carrying on. I feel incredibly nauseous and light-headed at moments. I occasionally get migraines and then I usually vomit. Please may you urgently assist me as I am scared I have pelvic inflammatory disease. Thank you very much for your assistance.

Symptoms: Mood swings, nausea, light-headed, migraines, occasionally throwing up (generally after migraines) heavy menstrual period