Contraceptive & conception

Patient: Hi i had been taking crissant LS for 24 days then after a gap of 6 days i started the next new pack. on the 3 DAY of taking the pill daily, I had unprotected sex. I would like to know did the contraceptive protect me from unwanted pregnancy during this period? To be pregnant when should I stop taking the contraceptive?

Symptoms: Na

Doctor: Hello,If you have been on crisanta ls , then as you have already started with a new pack after a gap of 6 days , the still you are protected as ovulation has not occurred and fertilization after an unprotected intercourse is not a possibility , keeping you pregnant safe.Secondly ovulation can return to normalcy withing 2-3 weeks after stoppage of the pills when you decide to conceive.I hope i have answered your query,regards