Patient: Hello, i’ve used many contraceptive pills now and none of them have worked. I’ve gained thrush and nausea from all of these pills. Which doesn’t help is that i barely remember to take them. However, the pill that im on now makes me feel very sick… even just thinking about it before i take it. The doctor says that i should try an implant which at the time i thought was great. However, I suffer from a huge phobia of needles, and always struggle to have a small vaccine done. But i usually get through it as the needles are small and the injections are quite quick. I was unaware at the time that you have to be injected with anesthetic first, which bothered me but i knew i would have to carry on with it. I watched a youtube video of the procedure and when i saw the size of the needle that puts the flexible rod in your arm, i was terrified. Its not necessarily scared about the pain involved, its just the size. I really need this implant as more pills are not an option… is it possible to be put under full anesthetic (just for a short while) so that i dont witness the actually injections?