Contraceptive pill and antibiotics

Patient: Hi. I am taking levest 21 day contraceptive pill. I had unprotected sex on Saturday, which was fine as I always take the pill correctly and reliably. However today (Tuesday) I’ve had to begin a course of antibiotics. The pack says the antibiotics can affect the effectiveness of the pill. Will the sex I had on Saturday still be covered? I’m worried the antibiotics would have messed up my pill, despite starting the course 2/3 days after sex. Thanks in advance for your answer.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is unlikely that your current course of antibiotics will have had an effect on the effic acy of your oral contraceptive taken 2-3 days prior. The efficacy of your oral contraceptive will be affected the moment you start taking antibiotics and we recommend that you use barrier protection such as condoms or refrain from unprotected sexual intercourse while you are on antibiotics.Thank you for choosing