Contraceptive problems

Patient: I had sex with my girlfriend last night. When I put the condom it broke at the base, but I believe it was totally intact at the tip. When I finished I pulled out but she put it back in for a very brief moment. Should I be worried that I may have impregnated her? She said she didnt feel anything inside of her afterwards. She also said that nothing “dripped” out of her vagina afterwards. We agreed to get the “plan b” pill, but I am still very anxious. Please help me

Symptoms: I have no symptoms, and niether does she.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comI understand your concern here . Allow me to apprise you that once t he condom was removed and penis tip was well covered with the sperm and precum , so when she inserted it back again , then it qualifies for ejaculation inside the vagina. There are chances that she may get pregnant if she has been in her fertile period.If you have considered the emergency contraception in form of ipill within 72 hours of intercourse , then she stands protected as the failure rate of ipill is around 2.3 per cent. if she resumes her withdrawal bleed within 7 days of consuming the ipill , then you must consider her safe. if the bleeding doesn’t resume and she misses her periods then the best way to rule out pregnancy would be to perform a urine pregnancy test after 7 days of missed period , in case ipill fails.I hope i have answered your queries in detail.wishing you good health,regards