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Control lowering and rising of blood presure and blood sugar

Patient: How can my wife control the lowering and rising in her blood sugar ?



Symptoms: Her blood pressure rises and falls. She cannot sleep at night, loss of energy, she feels dizzy



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood that there is fluctuation in the blood sugar and blood pressure of your wife. She can not sleep at night and feels dizzy.You would like to know how to control the lowering and rising of blood pressure (BP) and sugar.For me to assist you both more I need to know a few details:What is the range of the blood sugar and BP over a period of time?How much is the fluctuation in BP and Sugar?Since when is she suffering from these two problems?What is her age?How much is the stress and the anxiety part?Please provide the details of the reports, the medicines she is taking and any other relevant history so that we can discuss further.Once the most common causes of starting both the diseases and its uncontrollable state are the stress and/or anxiety, more commonly seen in female patients.Another reasons can be related to:the improper dosages of the medicines,not taking medicines in proper duration or missing dosages,not a proper control over diet, salt, sugar and exercises,Please provide all the details and the feedback about the causes I have mentioned above so that we can discuss further and come to a proper diagnosis and management.Awaiting for yours.

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Patient: Thank you for the information.
The fluctuation in blood pressure is every hour and a half.
She is 59 years old and this began very cently in the past week.
The pre glucose exam shows 81 and 70-110
She took her blood pressure at 10 a.m this morning and the high was 138, low 86
pulse 87.
At 3:45 this after noon it was high 87 and low66 with pulse 87.
She is taking an antibiotic called Claribromycin
There is a lot of stress in her home life here in Guatemala

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
Glucose level is ranging in the normal range. This does change every time you do the test; important is that it should be within normal range.
Blood pressure looks problematic.
The morning BP of 138/86 just borderline high.
But the one at 3:45 pm of 87/66 with a pulse rate of 87 is abnormally low and in such a case she should get a proper clinical examination and investigations and get the dosages rescheduled or changed to another medicines if she is already taking.
Please ask her to consult a Doctor and undergo examination and tests as advised.
Control of the stress and anxiety is still very important if one wants to have fluctuation within the normal range.

Patient: She had her blood test and doctor exam 2 days ago. He said other than the antibiotic that she is taking that there is no other medicine that she can be given that will help this problem. He is a very good physician, so if he says that than we believe it. A agree that controlling stress and diet is important. She was told to eat small amounts every 2 or 3 hours. If you can think of anything else other than exercise, controlling stress, food choices and getting sleep which she is having trouble with because of many of the mention reasons I would appreciate it if you could get back to me. Thank you for the consultation. I think that we are on the same page and many of the things that you have mentioned we are aware of and will put into action.

Patient: Especially if you can help with immediate answere to fluctuation in blood pressure. Thank you again

Doctor: Thanks for your appreciation.
You may please request your Doctor to add- on medicine for treating anxiety and stress. This will help a lot.
I think she needs cardiac check up done by a cardiologist that includes EKG, echo cardiography and others as required considering the fluctiaions in BP. This should be done as soon as possible.
What are the recent readings?


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