Copper iud possible retention – sterility?

Patient: I had a paragaurd copper iud for seven years. I requested removal and the Obgyn protested I still had three years then found it was embedded and part of it broke off when she tried to remove it. I went in a week later for a hysteroscopy and she could not find the piece and said it was probably expelled naturally. I went to a different ob gyn a few months later they did ultrasounds and didn’t see anything they also said they didn’t see any of the “ugly scarring” that the previous Obgyn was so disgusted by when she removed the iud. Subsequent Obgyn visits and they say they don’t see any indication there was scar damage or any sort of problem areas and not to worry. I am trying to get pregnant now, a year and a half later and so far nothing. Could there still be a part of the iud inside of me that is preventing pregnancy? Or could there be some sort of uterine scar damage preventing implantation?

Symptoms: Iud embedded, pregnancy

Doctor: Hello,Paraguard copper iucd , if it had broken and remained embedded inside the uterus then it should have been picke d up by modern ultrasound .But if still there exists a doubt then you may opt for CT SCAN pelvis to be more confirmatory and can rely on ct scan results as its more sensitive and specific.It can comment about the endometrial thickness as well and if any scar is present both intra or extrauterine on the surface( considering the possibility that it may have ruptured uterus and lost in abdominal cavity) , then it can be easily located and your concern about it being a possible cause for not conceiving can be allayed.If however cause is not established then you may visit your physician for a complete infertility workup with your partner and seek medical help thereafter.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards